Manually merge tasks

  • If a field operation consists of multiple tasks, these tasks can be merged in to one task manually. 
  • For example, harvest operation for the following field was finished on two different days 19th Oct and 25th Oct.

Task 1
MM.JPG 179.29 KB

Task 2
MM2.JPG 193.78 KB

Follow these steps to merge these two tasks in to one task. 

  • Enable both tasks to display on the map.
  • When multiple compatible tasks are enabled, Manual Merge button is displayed in task card of each compatible task. 
  • Hover the mouse on the Manual Merge button to read “Click here to merge selected tasks”. 
  • Click on any of the Manual Merge icon. 
  • Area covered by both tasks is displayed as Coverage layer.
  • Press on the Merge button in the fields panel.
  • Name the merged task and hit Save. 
  • Merged task replaces the individual tasks in the fields panel. 
  • New totals are displayed in the task card of merged task.
Merged tasks can be unmerged to restore the individual tasks back

  • A button is displayed to “undo the Merge operation” in task card of every Merged task.
  • Press the button to undo the merge operation.
  • Individual tasks are displayed back in the field card.
  • Disable the Coverage of one more individual tasks.
  • Press Unmerge All tasks button.
  • Individual tasks are restored.

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