Create/import a Prescription

  • Prescription can be created using these three methods:
  1. By creating Management zones from a task layer.
  2. By Manually drawing management zones.
  3. By Importing prescription from shapefile.
  • First, select the Overview tab and select the field for which you want to create prescription
  • Click View Layers by the field you wish to create a prescription
  • Select the Prescription tab
  • Select New Prescription
  • Prescription creation screen has three tiles (i) Field  (ii)Product  (iii) Zones

Method 1: Management zones from task layer
  • In tile 1, press show layers list
  • Enable a layer by clicking in tick box. 
  • Three zones will be created automatically based on selected layer, you can edit number of zones.
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Method 2: Manually draw management zones
  • In case you want to draw management zones, click on plus icon in tile 3.
  • Use draw slice tool on top right corner to manually draw lines to create zones.
  • Click save management zone button.
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Method 3: Import prescription from Shapefile
  • In case you like to import 3rd party prescription from shapefile, click on plus icon in tile 3.
  • Press Import Shapefile button on upper right corner.
  • Browse to zipped shapefile folder. select your shapefile. 
  • If zipped folder contains multiple shapefiles, you will be able to choose the one you like using drop-down menu button. Note: Up to five zones are supported currently for shapefile import.

  • Select shapefile layer and rate and click confirm button.
  • Click Save Management Zone button.
  • Name the zones.
  • Enable Import Rates check box to import application rate values from the shapefile.
  • Click create button.
In all three methods described above:
  • Select Product and application units in tile 2.
  • Confirm/assign/edit rates for each management zone in tile 3.
  • Assign default rates for Out of Field and Loss of GPS events in tile 3.
  • New product can be selected and added from product catalog using plus icon in tile 2.
  • Click Create Prescription button.
  • Name your prescription and press create.
  • Once prescription is created (in 1-2 minutes), you can download it to USB or use SEND TO button to send it to your vehicle.

  • Use PDF button to download pdf copy of prescription file.
  • Use More button to edit or delete the prescription file. 
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