Fleet overview

  • TAP FLEET subscription allow you to track your vehicles location, status, maintenance plans and more.
  • To get TAP FLEET subscription, contact your dealer to get a CL-55 unit. Once CL55 is activated with purchase of TAP connect or TAP Fleet subscription,  you will see Fleet management capabilities added to your account.  
  • Fleet UI overview 
  1. Map Overview Shows your fleet's latest and historical location. Click here to learn more about map overview.
  2. Vehicles List of all your vehicles. click here to learn more about adding vehicles to your account.
  3. Configuration In this section, you can create and assign different configurations to your vehicles. Click here to learn all about various configurations.
  4. Administration To create user and fleet groups. Click here to see more details.
  5. Maintenance Create and assign maintenance plans to your vehicles. see more details here.
  6. Reports This section allows you to create reports for your fleet. More details are available here

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