Map overview

Map overview displays recent and historical location of your fleet. It also displays location of associated geofences and alerts.

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  1. Map view will zoom out to show all your vehicles on screen.
  2. Vehicles This tab list all your vehicles. To see a particular vehicle in the center of the map, click on the name in the list or icon in the map for that vehicle. 
  3. Vehicle Dashboard will be displayed on the right, when you select any vehicle.
  4. History map click on history map, select vehicle and time frame to see historical locations of that vehicle on the map.
5. Geofences List of all your geofences, select a geofence to see it on the map.
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6. Alarms List of all the alarms raised for the vehicles. select a alarm to see its location on the map. Alarms in this list can be filtered by vehicle, severity level or by category. 
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