Before logging in to TAP on console for the first time

It is recommended that you follow these steps before logging in on your console for the first time:

  • After account creation, if you haven't already, check "Welcome to TAP" email and click on the 'Get Started' link to set up your password.  
  • Login in to TAP account on your computer. 
  • Create/Import your Grower-Farm-Field structure and field boundaries (a recommended but not a required step).
  • Update horizon software to most current software. 
  • Clean the console. Example: Remove duplicate/misspelled/wrong Grower-Farm-Field names, jobs/tasks, etc. Picture below shows example duplicated Client name. 
  • Name your console and login. 
  • After login, all the existing jobs/tasks will be uploaded to your TAP account automatically. 
  • Wait for the processing to finish.  
  • Review processed data/map/reports. 

Click here to see more tips on how to make best use of your TAP Fields account using  more advanced features.   

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