What is TAP?

TAP (Topcon Agricultural Platform) is Topcon's IOT platform that provides connectivity and allows the user to import/export Agricultural operational data, share data, create prescriptions, monitor fleet telematics, and conduct remote support.  TAP is seamlessly integrated with Topcon Horizon software to provide wireless data transfer and telematics to a TAP equipped X Console.
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TAP consists of multiple apps with specific functionalities
  • MARKET: The online Marketplace is a web page where the user can see and manage TAP subscriptions and X25/X35 software unlocks.
  • DASHBOARD: It is the general overview of the TAP account.  It can be customized to include user defined widgets and layouts to display the information that user wants to be displayed. 
  • FIELDS: Application where agricultural operational data layers are managed.
  • STORAGE: This app provides centralized cloud based file storage for agronomic and fleet data.  It can be used to to organize and store field operational data to allow faster access to view and favorite data sets.  Storage is also the location where files can be shared with desired collaborators.
  • SUPPORT: This app provides ability to remotely access connected X consoles from anywhere using TAP web interface. 
  • FLEET: This app provides ability to user to monitor all his connected vehicles on one platform.  It provides position, engine, and CAN data and which can be used to setup geo-fences, curfew and reports.

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