Manage power

Power management is feature to track your vehicle by receiving alerts when vehicle is turned off. It can also provide periodic vehicle position updates when vehicle is in off mode.
  • A default power management profile will be assigned to each new vehicle added in your account.
  • To create new profile, go to configuration and click on Power management tab.
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  • Press on green plus icon to create new power management profile.
  • Name the new profile and select the following parameters:
Stand by duration: device goes to sleep mode after this duration (when key is turned off or after motion detection event)
Wake up time: device turns ON after wake up time duration, logs its position and then goes back to sleep. Default wake up time is 24 hours.
Motion detection Mode: detect vehicle motion in OFF mode using accelerometer during : key off, curfew or never.
Motion detection sensibility: Low for small machines, medium for medium machines and high for heavy machines.
Severity : alarm severity. 

  • Save the profile.
  • Click Assign to vehicle to assign this profile to desired vehicle.
  •  Click on envelope icon to select notification groups that will receive corresponding alerts. 
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