Import CSV format soil sampling data (Beta)

There are different CSV formats available based on how the CSV file was created. Each format has a slightly different character encoding. Not all CSV files are supported in the beta CSV import in TAP. CSV data can be imported into TAP with the following conditions:

File Format
  • .CSV or .csv file extensions only
  • The file encoding MUST be UTF-8 compliant
  • Comma-separated or semicolon-separated values only
  • Only comma or dot can be used as decimal separator 
  • Do not use any thousands separator
  • Character LF, UTF-8 U+000A as the line separator 
  • Quoted newlines are NOT supported
  • Geographic coordinates MUST be expressed in WGS84
  • UTM coordinates are NOT supported.

CSV File Header Format
  • Columns for Longitude and Latitude are mandatory.
  • The Longitude field is the first field found with one of the following names: "lon", "longitude", "east", "easting" in upper or lower case. For example, long, X, longi, etc will NOT be accepted. 
  • The Latitude field is the first field found to be with one of the following names: "lat", "latitude", "north", "nothing" in upper or lower case. For example, lati, y, etc will NOT be accepted. 
  •  The header (first line) of the file MUST carry the name of the columns, separated by a comma or semicolon.  If both separators appear in the header line, the first recognized is used as a field (column name)separator
  •  The header DOES NOT support field quoting to protect separators meant as part of the field name.

Data Import
  • CSV file must be part of a zipped folder
  • Press the Upload Tasks button.
  • Drag and drop (or browse) the zipped folder containing CSV files. 
  • Wait for file processing to finish. 
  • CSV data will be imported as Unknown task type with GF structure as in Default Grower, Default Farm and csv file name is used as Field name
  • All the columns with numeric data will be processed as a data layer
  • Navigate to the Tasks tab
  • Access the Edit task button
  • Change task type to Soil Sample 
  • You can also edit other details like GFF structure, Task name, and Task start and finish time. 

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