Create a Prescription

  • Select the Overview tab and select the field for which you want to create prescription
  • Click View Layers by the field you wish to create a prescription
  • Select the Prescription tab
  • Select New Prescription
  • Select the Add button on Zones
  • Use the Split Layers tool on top right corner to manually draw lines to create zones
  • Click Save Management Zone
  • Enter name of Management Zone and press Create (management Zone names can be edited by selecting the Pencil Icon nest to the Zone name)
  • On the product selection define a product and unit  from the drop downs and press Set Value (refer to Adding Products if proper product is not displayed in drop down list)
  • Select Set Value button and Enter the desired value for each zone and press Save
  • Select the Create Prescription button 
  • Created Prescription will now be displayed within the Prescriptions tab where it can be sent to a console

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