Get my devices connected

To get connectivity you will need the following:
  • TAP Connect subscription
  • CL-10 or CL-55 device

  • These can be purchased from a local Topcon Agriculture Dealer
  • First, go to the MARKET and add the quantity and duration of a TAP Connect subscription to your cart. (Example below is 4 devices with 3 Year subscriptions)
    Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 11.55.12 AM.png 1.12 MB
  • When you click ADD TO CART you will be prompted to Enter the serial number information from the CL-55 or CL-10 Devices and click ADD TO CART
  • Next, you will need to click on the CART in the upper right hand corner to complete your transaction and click CHECK OUT
  • Confirm your Billing Details and Credit Card information is accurate and select COMPLETE THE ORDER

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