Precision Planting 2020 Gen1

Export data to USB

  • Insert the USB
  • Navigate to Data tab on your display
  • Press Export button.
  • Press Field Map Data button. 
  • This will open the current season’s field map data. A list of all fields planted will be generated.
  • Select a field and press Transfer, or press Transfer All button to transfer data for all the fields.
  • To export data from all previous fields, Press Old Field Map Data button and follow same procedure to export the data to USB.

Prepare data for upload

  • Zip the folder exported from your precision planting display
  • Select the folder and Right click
  • Press Send To and then Compressed (zipped) folder

Import data in TAP

  • Log in to TAP Fields or TAP PRO account
  • Press Upload Tasks button on top 
  • Browse to the zipped folder or drag and drop the folder in import wizard
  • Data processing will start and user can track the status in notification panel
  • Review the processed data after the data processing is completed

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