Create and assign Vehicle Status profile

At any particular time, a vehicle/asset can have these statuses: Off, On, Idle, Long Idle, Working, or High workload.
  • A default vehicle status profile will be assigned to each new vehicle added in your account.
  • To create a new vehicle status profile, go to Configuration tab and then click on Status tab.
  • Click on green plus icon to create new status.
  • Enter name of new status profile.
  • Select configuration type.
Vehicle status can be reported based on these configurations:
GPS Speed based on GPS velocity. Enter the speed and time thresholds
CAN-Bus based on single CAN-Bus parameter with the possibility to set 2 thresholds
Digital Input based on digital input signal. select digital line.
Digital input and GPS speed based on both digital input and GPS. select digital line, threshold speed and time.
  • See examples below.
  • Hit save to create profile.
  • User can Edit, Delete or Assign the Created profile to vehicle.
  • For assigning , click on the Assign to Vehicle icon on right side of screen.
  • See here to know how to create report for vehicle/asset status.
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