How is data transferred to TAP?

Data can be uploaded to TAP using several different methods.  

  • Manual upload: The first method of upload is using the Import Tasks button within the Tasks tab of Fields app.  This data will automatically be uploaded to the proper Grower, Farm, Field based on the field boundary.  If a Grower, Farm, Field does not already exist one will be created using the data contained within the ISOXML files.  For additional information regarding the process to upload Tasks to TAP refer to the How-To section.

  • Auto upload: The second method to upload data into TAP is through the TAP PRO &   Cloudlynk (CL-10, CL-55) devices. Using CL equipped Horizon X Console will automatically upload data to the proper Grower, Farm, Field if one has already been created within TAP.  If TAP detects that a Grower, Farm, Field has not already been created one will be created using the information provided from the console.
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